Almuerzo, Eco-festival and Dia del Maestro

Almuerzo Completo

I finally got to try an “almuerzo completo” or “complete lunch” last week. For between 10 to 20 bolivianos, you get a salad bar, soup, main course with 2 or 3 sides and a small dessert. A full meal for less than $3! I had spinach soup, fried trout, rice and 2 kinds of potatoes. Several people had told me potatoes were a big part of the cochabamba diet but it’s not just your typical potatoes. There are so many different varieties: brown, red, blue, large, small, potatoes that look like smooth round stones and potatoes that look like ginger roots. I’ll probably never want to eat potatoes again once I leave here but for now I’m loving every bite. My hope now is to become a regular at two or three lunch spots.


On Tuesday, I went to work early but there were no students at the center. It turned out they were at an environmental fair instead. I ventured off to the fair at Plaza Bolivar. There were several exhibits put on by students from primary and secondary schools in the area – everything from ideas to ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ to a guide on composting, tips for saving water and even a miniature working model of a drip irrigation system. Each exhibit was accompanied by a presentation by the students. I left thoroughly impressed with how well these kids understood the issues of sustainability. (More photos to come when I get my camera working)

Dia del Maestro

Last Thursday was Teacher’s Day. Schools and many other organizations got the day off and many of them have performances to celebrate teachers. How awesome is that! Teachers should definitely be valued and appreciated for the important roles they play in the lives of our youth.

Last week in my exploring, I also learned that while La Cancha is the largest and most famous of them, there are smaller markets everywhere in Cochabamba and Quillacolla. I see many people in traditional dress at these markets.


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